Nearly half of the Population in the world is Women. Being so large in Numbers they are creators, Leaders and change makers. They play crucial Role in the Society. If you just harness their Qualities to build the Nations They will prove you even far better Leader to impact the world.

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment in this Digital Age give all women equal access to earn, live, and spend the way she wants. If she get education on these skills and improve their sense of Worth, ability of their choices and influence the social change for their selves and the whole World

My Vision about Women Empowerment

I want to become no 1 among most Powerful Women in the world by 2023.It is an impossible dream but though This GPLT Circle of Women Empowerment I just want to inspire every Women to dream big for their selves

My Mission about Women Empowerment

My Mission is to help every woman to become more powerful than she realized Through this Platform of GPLT Circle for Women Empowerment I want to promote these simple 3 Projects which related to Women Entrepreneurship, Digital Skills. And Global Collaborations among same organizations who working in Women empowerment

1- Entrepreneurship_for_her

Small Business creation of Small Companies Courses

2- Digital Skills_for_her

Tech-Peace Women Community

3- Global collaborations_for_her

Partner with same niche organizations which are working for Women Empowerment