Global Peace Let's Talk (GPLT) is composed of teams from diverse backgrounds, board members with vast experience, and educational backgrounds, it also boasts of an international secretariat that is composed of dedicated teams who are always ready when called to action. Country Chapter Custodians and their teams of passionate programming, field and accounting officers.

GPLT is an organisation that has integrated several organisations like the New Hope Foundation Global Network that has been in operation for 20 years, Defence for Children Initiative, Farmers' Pride International, which is now 6 years old, and many others, this makes GPLT a young and fast-growing non-profit organisation with leaders who have + 20 and years of experience gained from serving in different development organisations across the world. 

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The International Executive Council is a constitutional, strategic GPLT department that was created to work with the board in evaluating the organisation's progress towards strategic goals and initiatives. Provide oversight for the entire organization. The IEC is responsible for overseeing the approval of board policies and ensuring good governance practices. It works with the board to establish and sunset committees and task forces that oversee/ monitor the GPLT's international activities. The IEC sits regularly as a council. The council is composed of 4 permanent members namely, Dr Veronica Nikki de Pina, the Founder and Chief Executive and leader of the international secretariat, GPLT & FPI, Elfas Mcloud Z. Shangwa, the Executive Chairperson GPLT & FPI and Senior Executive Director  GPLT. Mark Anthony King, President of Global Innovations and Executive Ambassador GPLT, and Melody Garcia, President of Innovations and Executive Ambassador GPLT.
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Dr. HC Veronica (Nikki) de Pina the Chief Custodian of GPLT is an ardent advocate for social justice committed to transformation through the creation of platforms aimed at non-violence and an end to the conflict.  The Founder & Chief Executive of Global Peace Let's Talk is also  the Vice President & SDG Coordinator of RISORGIMENTO-RENAISSANCE MILLENNIUM 111, She is the International Executive Director of the Institute of International Peace Leaders, and International Chief Executive of Farmers Pride International.

Happy to be called HUNTER, Elfas is the GPLT  Policy & processes custodian and its first  Executive Chairperson and also doubles as its Senior Executive Director dealing with policy and processes in both positions, and boasts of 21 years of experience in the NGO sector, he has amassed skills and knowledge in this field. Hunter is also the Founding Director of a business development and consultancy company that carries out NPO capacity building across Africa.

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Mark Anthony King is a Serial Entrepreneur, Master of Storyteller, Multi-Media persona, and a Global Leader focusing on Kingdom Humanitarian Impact.

 His business handling includes mastery in nutrition and health for optimization of overall well-being.  A master practitioner in NLP, Strategic Interventions, Emotional Intelligence and many other professional certifications, making him one of the most authentic and effective coaches and mentors in his field.

Melody Garcia is a Global impactor, Ambassador, entrepreneur, a multiple award-winning international keynote speaker who has shared platforms with iconic global names, an international best-selling author and a multi-media icon. Melody’s Co-President, Global Innovations; and Executive Ambassador, Global Peace Let’s Talk; 

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   The International General Council is formed by the International board's 12 members and 5 representatives from each of its Country Chapters, that is the Country Board Chairperson, the Secretary, the treasurer, the Country Director, and senior program officer. We have 10 permanent staff members who are working on policy proposals, formulation and implementation. The international board meets 4 times each year with the country's representatives and once every 4 years at an elective  International General Assembly, where new international board members will be elected or stand for reelection. On this occasion, the IGC will meet with the highest Executive department of the GPLT who will be approving new policies agreed upon by the IGC

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Tamika is the GPLT's Chief of Protocol, she works as the international Public relationship executive,  board's deputy Executive Chairperson as well as Executive Secretary to the Executive Chairperson,  affectionately called Mammy in her local community of Camrose in the mountains overlooking the city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. She is a wife and mother, Her husband of 40 years Ian is an artist and their son Ayale 42 years, is their reason for being. A family of artists. They own and operate the Ahhh…Ras Natango Gallery and Garden tours from their home. Her philosophy is mending broken pieces.

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Bunny Bhoola is a board member at GPLT, she one global citizen with a passion for tourism.  Her business, African Link Tourism, focuses on the area of creating products and networks for business growth. These include talent acquisition, development, stakeholder linkages, mentorship programs, and performance management.

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The first digital senator of Pakistan  is a board member at GPLT and has shown his passion to see the organisation grow and adopt a technological drive for its growth and development. 

Founder President “DigitalPakistan NetWork Group” and works in the Senate of Pakistan

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Kevin E. Wilson (Nonprofit CEO & International Development Educator)

Kevin Wilson is an educator/scholar in international development and an accomplished leader in the NGO sector. He currently serves as the

leader of Farmer’s Pride International and as an Executive Board

Member of the Millennial Legacy Foundation, which serves the East

African Community through the US Government’s “American Spaces”

Project. He has taught classes and presented on multiple topics pertinent to the field of development including youth economic empowerment

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Dr. Jayanta Choudhury is a board member in GPLT, he has wide experience in teaching and research in Rural Development for the last 22 yrs. Passionate, relentless, dedicated and true with his vision firmly focused on the horizon of Localizing Sustainable Development Goals.

 working as an Associate Professor, National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. He has led/worked with different research projects in India and Bangladesh funded by World Bank, ILO, UNICEF, IGDC, GTZ, MoTA, MoRD, etc.

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Reginald Hicks is a certified Financial Coach, a Nurse, Inspiring Speaker and Author. He enjoys educating his audience on the importance of financial literacy. He learned that applying the traditional money concepts from his parents on paying bills, saving money in a savings account, and budgeting did not equip him for the real world. Three years of studying personal finances, Reginald immediately saw the missing pieces that kept him from succeeding financially.

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My passion is to help fellow women to manage their resources for a better life and to empower them through education. My heart is to make children feel loved, heard and cared for.


In my capacity as a financial advisor, I have helped many families and individuals manage their cash flow and investments for retirement, passive income and plan for their family’s future needs.

With these experiences, I hope to serve the community in GPLT to reach out to families, helping them share their stories and empowering them to create permanent change in their lives. 

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 An accomplished Project Manager with over 34 years of experience in ICT, Consultancy, Insurance, Banking and Finance environments, currently working on a project as a Project Manager for a South African telecommunications company. My professional journey has seen me working as a Programmer, Analyst Programmer, Systems Analyst, Systems Development Manager

Ogechi Adanma Onyegbula, is a GPLT member and Human Resources Officer with over twenty years of serving and supporting others across a range of industries encompassing Banking,  Telecommunications, and Humanitarian Aid. Delivering services and support through Administration, Internal Audit, and Human Resources Management

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Elizabeth Oseko was born and lives in Kenya. She is a Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive of GPLT, a renowned peace and mental health educator. She has a professional background in education. She is the chairperson of The Teachers’ Welfare Nairobi, Kenya.  Her main objective is to create a peaceful environment that supports everyone and also secure space for others to contribute their best and make the world a better place to live in.

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An IIPL Goodwill Ambassador for Peace,19 years of service in the Non- Bank Financial sector of Botswana, particularly the Pension Funds Administration industry, as liaison personnel to external clients and preparing reports for the board of institutions. data management skills. She holds a Certificate in Fundamentals of Business Law and a Diploma in Project Management

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Eroln Namakula is Founder of Edea Uganda; a member of Global Peace Let’s Talk; Personal Assistant to Senior Executive Director of Farmers Pride International, a sister organization of Global Peace Let’s Talk; Ambassador of International Youth Portal Kalinka Russia. In 2018, l was selected by the Common Wealth Team to be part of Training of Trainers workshop.

Eroln was selected to be part of the Model African Union and Community Engagement at the African Union Commission in Ethiopia in 2019.

Dave Chukwuji was born and raised in Lagos. He likes to tell everyone that his parents are from a small village, Inyi, on the bank of one of the many tributaries of the great River in Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta State, while proclaiming himself a Lagosian.


He attended the University of Ibadan, where he studied Communication and Language Arts. On graduation Dave joined the advertising industry as a copywriter.

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Ms. Hembafan Tilley-Gyado is an award-winning producer, presenter, prolific scriptwriter, and newscaster with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Being a well-rounded artist, she is well known to put this creativity to good use in the television productions such as documentaries, magazine programmes that aid with the fight against HIV & AIDS, and malaria amongst others. This has earned her several commendations and awards for quality production.

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A Graduate of The University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Education (Arts). He also has a Diploma in Journalism, Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma Community Development and Leadership. He also has several Certificates for Community Peace Activities.

Charles is the founder and Director of Outering Schools Nairobi, Kenya. He is also the Secretary of Kenya Private Schools Association, Nairobi's  Njiru Subcounty.  An advocate for Peace, he is the coordinator Nairobi Secondary Schools Peace Club, (Njiru Subcounty).

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Janine Bosch-Wessels is a self-made woman growing up in the turbulent times in SA history. A humanitarian, climate justice advocate, and Permaculturalist.  Not able to study future than matric, she made it her mission to learn new skills.  This drive took her to become one of the Awarded Female Farmers in South Africa.

She has worked with the Sustainability Institute and Seriti Institute and is an Independent Consultant working with climate change and agroecology in West Africa, 

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a graduate of Mass Communication from Crescent University Abeokuta. I have a good understanding of the communication process and how this knowledge can be applied to social media management where brand interaction is as important as the key content itself. Understanding this media and how users interact on the platform is one of the things I bring to the table.

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