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Share Stories!!

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Do you remember when you were young and had time for a story? I used to love it when my mother read stories to me, and I loved doing it with my children. And I’m old enough to remember Bookmobile !! It was in this big converted RV / bus that was coming to my hometown when I was growing up in rural Ohio. The bookmobile was a mobile library where you could browse and browse books to read.

People love stories !! In fact, the history of the whole community eventually survived when people told stories until someone invented writing and paper. Again, people were writing down stories for the purpose of sharing and not just writing.

Ironically, it seems that now that we have technology that allows us to communicate faster and less, we have stopped sharing. We have not stopped writing or producing content at least. The fact is that we are surrounded by many blogs every day. However, it seems that people are writing and posting their content. Then it stopped.

I do not understand this, and I will be honest, feeling that my approach is out of the ordinary. I think good content (news) needs to be shared with others. I like to see other people’s ideas and opinions because I learn from them. My question is – How can others learn from this wonderful content if you are willing to share only your work?

Who will carry all of this good news and share it? Bookmobile worked because it delivered books directly to people where they lived. We have the opportunity to do the same by sharing blogs on social media. We can bring the good news that is directly produced to people all over the world at the click of a button. It is a great opportunity to make sure that more people are learning on an ongoing basis.

Now, I have had this conversation with others and I get reasons from them about why they do not share in the work of others. Some say it is because their content helps them make money or have sponsors. I think that is good, but there is a lot of space here for new content and ideas that do not block others or lose sales by sharing other people’s work. You just are not.

I’ve also heard that sharing other people’s blogs takes a lot of time. That seems strange to me because it takes less than 30 seconds to share a blog and more time to write and produce one. Trust me – if you have time to create, you have time to share.

This week I encourage you to start a new practice. If you hear or read a good story, share it. Just don’t enjoy it and let it stay. Think about how much information can be sent around the world and reach out to HR staff and businesses who can benefit from something you are learning.

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