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Dr Franca
Dr. FRANCA COLOZZO Executive Ambassador

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Roon from Turkey
Cinzia Baravini
Cinzia Baravini was born in Esch sur Alzette in Luxembourg in 1973. At the age of 3, she moved to Fossato di Vico in Umbria with the whole family. She has been living in Costacciaro for 22 years, a small town in the Umbrian Apennines. She is classically trained. She starts working in her early twenties, finding her dimension in network marketing. Her excellent leadership skills lead her over the years to develop an important commercial network in Italy and abroad. Her love of writing, especially poetry, dates back to her childhood.

She participates for the first time in the “San Valentino 2021” International Literary Competition organized by Area Cultura with the poem “If it’s not love… what is it?” finishing in third place. This poem, in the same year, won two other literary competitions, placing 1st and 2nd place. She is present together with other poets in the trilogy published by Bertoni Editore: “Hymn to Love”, “Hymn to Death” and “Hymn to Infinity”.

In 2021 she published her first novel entitled “The Lantern in the Darkness” published by Francesco Tozzuolo Editore. In the same year, together with three other poets, she took part in the poetic collection “Terre di Luce” published by Bertoni Editore. In February 2022 she published the poetic collection “The Courage of Ideas” edited by Francesco Tozzuolo Editore.

The Crossroads of Existence, published by Francesco Tozzuolo Editore, is her second novel, in the thriller genre. In November she received the ‘Book of the Year 2022’ award in Rome from the Area Cultura association. On her Facebook page “La Rhythmic Soul” she hosts a literary poetic salon on a weekly basis in which she hosts poets and writers who want to tell their stories.
Trang Phan

Trang Tran Hoai Phan born in 1989 in Hanoi, Vietnam. An Art writer, poet, and artist. A storyteller, a dreamer who believes in the positive.

“Light does not just come from the Sun, it lives in your heart, your soul, your mind. It only dies once dreams or miracles are abandoned.”

BA degree in Graphic Design, Hanoi, Vietnam.
MA degree in History of Art & Design, Birmingham, UK.
A curious culture vulture, with combination of fantasy and realistic elements in her poems. History lover, with great dedication to anti-war poems.

Facebook’s writing page: Thiên Trang’s writing.


My name is Jayakumar Subban from Tamil Nadu in India . I was born on 20.5.1960 . I am a Tamil origin, living in Chennai.  I did my Master Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication Madras University in the year 1992. Basically an Indian senior Broadcast Journalist, and having 30 years of experience in the Indian media and foreign media. I attended the press conference of Former USA president and envoy of the UN council Mr. Bill Clinton who visited Tsunami disaster on 26 Dec-2004 & the worsening flood situation in Chennai 2005.

My specific special reporting like local, national and international news. I worked as senior news Editor, and also worked for international TV  channels including  Reuters Thomson worldwide news agency, Al Jazeera, Channel news Asia Singapore, Rai TV Italy and also worked for India’s biggest new wire agency ANI. I have interviewed many  Indian and international political leaders, Prime Minister, president of many countries,  commissioner and ambassador  of  foreign countries. Reported many international veteran cricket players including  Bhrat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar, and  Australian former captain Glenn Gcgrath and west indies and south Africa Captains Players and ICC and BCCI  and  IPL  Manchester National tennis and covered an  International Chess Tournament and interviewed world champion Viswanathan Anand.  Chance to interview many Hollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood film stars and international fashion shows.

Special coverage of science and technology including defense, satellite launches, health care industry and news feart stores were covered. Received an international commonwealth innovation forum award-2021 for the contribution to the promotion of responsible Journalism, and honored Rashtriya shiksha samman award of national teacher of India.

Mili Das
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