Education, Child Rights and Young Ambassadors

About Child Rights Chapter

Marta LescanoMy name is Marta Lescano. I am the leader for Chapter Education, Child Ambassadors and Child Rights.

Let me start by saying that our mission is to propose developing tools for a culture of peace and non-violence from childhood through the development of non-violent communication skills, mediation, negotiation, sustainable projects linked to the planet, people, peace and prosperity, always addressing the collective good.

Our vision is a world in which all countries educate for peace from childhood and in which a dynamic system, fostering sustainable peace, is generated.

In this chapter, we are interested in promoting quality education from childhood through compliance with the human rights of children and the promotion of good practices over a culture of peace and non-violence. Given the culture of war, violence and lack of coexistence that characterizes our time, it is important to carry out educational actions that achieve greater well-being for our children. We do this through sustainable educational projects of cultural exchange between several countries and the appointment of Young Ambassadors of Global Peace Let´s Talk who pass their message of peace over to the adult world.

Education is, above all, a human right, a right without which other rights cannot be developed.

The objective of this chapter is to ensure that there are happy children through a quality education that includes values like respect and empathy, in an integrative way so that they will also become leaders of peace for their communities.

But, to achieve peace, it’s important to foster joy in children. Our perspective includes these values: humility, human acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, compassion and generosity. These pillars are a great contribution to human interconnectedness in life in an integrative way, thus, achieving true union, the basis for joy.

We invite you to be part of this Educational Chapter. Together we can change the world.

Some of the Child Rights Chapter Projects