The Arts and Culture Chapter of GPLT (Global Peace Let’s Talk) organization strives towards empowering the society through its therapeutic procedures of artistic, cultural and socially creative and organized approach. The GPLT Arts and Culture team looks forward to engaging into deep and realistic cultural and aesthetic possibilities to solve the problems in a peacefully holistic manner.
This chapter is completely devoted to issuing prosperous activities along with its strong, robust, mindful and compassionate members for a long run as well as establishing social values in the global society and making an overall high-yielding impact in terms of providing a tentative generation of work.
As for now, we are extremely attentive to organize several artistic activities, workshops, excursions, art-fairs, conferences and discussions through the medium of prolific artists, creators, writers, authors, thinkers, scholars, debaters, designers, orators, reciters, singers, musicians, dancers, open mic performers and others who keep a detailed eye on improving the ambience and believe in growing with consistent improvement, personality development and work efficiently for the societal cause.
This socially-sensitive and strong group is led by the strong hands of Professor George Onsy and author cum leader Suchismita Ghoshal for an entirely change-making journey.
We eagerly look forward to all of your kind cooperation, support, and love to make ourselves aesthetically and spiritually grow for a healthy future.