about gplt

Meet The Founder

Dr. HC Nikki de Pina

Dr. HC Veronica (Nikki) de Pina is a passionate and ardent advocate for social justice and an activist in the Peacebuilding environment. Her love of profiling community leaders stems from her travels across Africa. She is committed to transformation through the creation of platforms aimed at Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, non-violence, and an end to the conflict. Her numerous accomplishments include being placed as a key facilitator to support the transformation process leading to the principles of democracy following the release of Nelson Mandela (Madiba). She is an excellent communicator committed to bringing people together in collaborations towards Peace initiatives.


Our Story

In October 2020 GPLT was started with the dream to unite people “who contribute their gifts, talents and abilities to meet a human need and discover their purpose” (Aristotle). On February 22nd 2021 GPLT was officially registered in London United Kingdom Company Number 13215240 NP0 Limited by Guarantee. We follow the principles of Martin Luther King “I have a dream”, Mahatma Gandhi “The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others.” and Nelson Mandela “what counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is the difference we have made in the lives of others”. We identify and support leaders who are destined to make a difference in their communities. 

The stories that attract our attention are about hardworking people. Stories of tenacity, bravery and endurance. Heartbreaking stories, miracles, triumph and survival.

In our network  of peacebuilders,  we have outstanding brave men and women. They are the gifted “artisans” of peace (Fabio Carbone), the remarkable weavers of a human rights tapestry woven in rich bold colours, culture, love and pure passion for humanities.

We support the   UN 2030 Transforming Our World  Agenda.

To ensure a permanent end to violence, making Peace ultimately requires the term “commitment and extraordinary collaborations” on the part of all sides (Kofi Anan)

Peacebuilding is a long-term process in which we are encouraged to talk, restore relationships and transform institutions. Everyone touched by destructive conflict must be involved in the process of establishing Peace for positive change to last. 

In practise, peacebuilding might mean any of a hundred distinct things. GPLT works globally with leaders who develop and initiate projects that bring groups together to work towards a common goal. We develop innovative approaches to spark discourse, solve problems and kick-start collaborations. We grow, share and learn from various points of view and continuous experience to map our direction.

“Aiming at global peacemaking, we do invite the followers of all religions, beliefs and ideologies to live by the Divine/Universal Love which is the very source of all true religious systems and constructive ideologies.” (George Onsy)

Our warmest welcome to GPLT.
Dr. HC. Veronica (Nikki) de Pina