GPLT Board Meeting 6 September 2022

The 6th September Board meeting was greatly inspiring and action focused with the Executive team sharing their vision, roles and responsibilities for 2022 into 2023.

In attendance are Dr. Nikki, Ms. Managay Pillay, Dr. Jayanta, Edwin Kibe, Mansi Sharma, Franca Colozzo, Martha, Ms. Lavonne Wittmann, Rabia, Prof. Dr. Author Kurt, Charles Juma, Mr. Patrick Chun and Joseph Akinola.

The Board members shared their concepts and ideas on programmes for 2023.

Patrick Chun shared overview on strategy.

Miss Managay shared her fundraising plan which was noted as highly professional and high impact.

Mansi shared her idea on GPLT having a course in Mediation as a lot confuse Mediation with Meditation.

Ms. Lavonne shared her on Teamwork, Branding and the Knowledge of the members.

Ms. Martha mentioned about their activities in her chapter as the Education chapter Director.

Ms. Rabia shared her idea on GPLT’ website upgrade.

Franca gave her thought.

Dr. HC. Nikki shared her appreciation to all for their continued support. Miss Managay, our Executive Chairperson thanked everyone for their planned actions and commitment to expanding GPLT and aligning projects.

Ms Managay closed the 2 hour session with appreciation to all present.